Why Choose Alchemy?

  • It is managed, marketed and supported entirely in-house in the UK by Alchemy’s own, small, dedicated team of passionate, product aware and licensee friendly staff.
  • Alchemy are also seasoned licensee’s themselves working with the top rock bands starting right back from the late 1970’s and so understand and sympathise with the viewpoint of the licensee’s. 
  • As we are a small dedicated in-house team all queries, approvals and artwork request are usually able to be responded to within 48 hours.
  • We give our licensee’s as much exposure and marketing support as possible including but not limited to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, advertisements sent out with our own catalogue and we also have an ‘Alchemy Licensing’ website with all licensee’s having there own dedicated page which can be edit and updated by the clients themselves.
  • Alchemy has a loyal and dedicated worldwide fan base, including many celebrities over the years.

Artwork Library

The Alchemy Gothic and UL13 art library has the complete collection of artworks available for licensees to browse.Goto Library >>

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